3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

These days everyone is online, and your business should be too.

Need proof?

You're reading this right now!

Doesn't really matter how you got here. My point is that you are, and if this page didn't exist you'd be reading somebody else's 3 Reasons page.

Same as with your business. If you don't put yourself out there in front of your customers, they'll just find somewhere else to get what they need.

Still don't believe me?

Well, here's three more reasons to get a website.

1. Because Everyone Else Has One

People turn to Google quicker than any other resource for finding anything - faster even than the Yellow Pages.

Now, if people in your area are Googling for your product or service, who will they find? If you're not online, you can bet it's not going to be you.

Go ahead. Try it. Open a new window and go over to Google right now. Search for your own product, service, or business type. Narrow it down by adding your town or area to the search too. I'll wait.

Find any of your competitors?

If you didn't, you're fortunate. Either you don't have any competition, or they're still on the fence too.

If you did, well there ya go. You can even count how many other businesses are splitting your lost profits by how many are on that first page.

2. To Tell People What You're About

People don't always want to just go with the cheapest. If that's your main selling point, go ahead and tell people that.

Your angle might be different though. You could be the best around, or maybe you're the fastest, or you service what you sell. Get it? People need to know that stuff.

Without that kind of information, a buyer might pick you to deliver something you're not good at. And that can lead to bad word-of-mouth advertising, or worse.

Don't be that guy.

Let people know what you're about, up front. If they don't like it, they can click off. You're better off dealing with people who really get it. They're the ones that'll get that good buzz started about you and your business.

3. To Assert Your Authority

People need to know, or at least believe, you're an expert.

Think about it. If you saw two sellers of the same product for the same price, which one would you buy from?

One guy sells stuff. The other guy sells stuff too, and he also gives away tons of useful tips on how to use and care for his product.

He tells you when to use his product and why. And he tells you when his product probably isn't your best choice.

Most people will gravitate towards that other guy since he sounds like he knows what he's talking about, and it sounds like he actually gives a crap about his customers. He's not out there just trying to rake it all in.

That first guy doesn't stand a chance.

People will even pay more for that sort of thing. They'll develop a feeling of attachment to that other guy and won't mind that he charges a few more bucks. They'll even expect it. He should. Right? He's an expert.

He's the guy you want to be like.

And if you make it sound like you're a real person, you can be. Forget about all the blinking sidebars and slider images. It's not that complicated. It's all about how you make your customers feel - not about how fast you can numb their senses.

But, of course, it all depends on whether you're online or not. And since websites are cheaper and easier to set up than ever, you better believe your rivals won't be far behind you - if they're not already there.