Increase Profits With Effective Web Copy

Your website is up, and you've managed to generate some traffic. Great! But, sales stink and your conversion rate is near zero. Why is that?

The main reason is, your web copy sucks.

I realize that's a pretty bold statement, considering I haven't seen your site, but the numbers speak for themselves. If your copy were really effective, you'd be selling a lot more.

The Basics

Let's assume you've covered all the basic stuff.

Your site loads fast with a simple, elegant theme. No gaudy color scheme with hard to read text. Nothing blinking or flashing. No click-through splash page. Just a sleek, modern design that puts your product or service front and center.

And, you're ranking well on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (This one takes some time, so don't sweat it so much.)

So, what gives?

You're priced right, or at least competitively, but people still aren't buying. Your phone still isn't ringing, and neither is your cash register.

Need I say it again?

Look at your copy. Will anyone make it to the end without at least a yawn? Will anyone even make it to the end?

Generate Interest

Ideally, sales copy persuades people to buy.

In order to get there, it has to do several things at once, all without looking like it's doing anything at all. The primary concerns though are:

  • Generating enough interest to keep people reading\xA0until the end.

  • Identifying with the reader and his problems.

  • Offering a solution to his problems.

  • Proving that you have the solution.

Simple. Right?

Just start generating interest from the word Go, solve a problem, and feed it with proof.

If your audience makes it this far, they're primed and interested enough to buy. And if it sounds like you're the solution they've been looking for, guess who they'll buy from.

Again, look at your copy. Does it prove to anyone why they need your service? Will it make anyone crave your product?

The Pitch

The most important thing I left off the list is the actual sale.

After your copy makes its case, it needs to tell the reader exactly what to do. Not because you think your audience is dumb and clueless, but because you've gone to all the trouble of softening them up.

It's a psychological thing. Their minds are now open and suggestable, so do just that. Tell them to buy your stuff! And, tell them exactly how to do it.

For the last time, look at your copy. Does it have anyone reaching for their credit card?

Obviously not.

If you have stuff to sell, you need good copy.

If yours needs help, let me know.

I'm Ben Dragon, and I write copy that sells!